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Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School

Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate & Vocational School began as the Berlin Grammar School in 1855 and has been an integral and essential part of the community ever since. The school is renowned as a welcoming and tolerant place for educating students with a diversity of talents and from a multiplicity of cultural backgrounds.


Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate has a football field that is graded to drain excess water into grass ditches. The ditch to the southwest edge of the field directs water downhill to a storm drain that contributes volume and pollution to its receiving waterway.


The school determined that they wanted to create additional gardens, a small patio and additional armour stone seating for spectators. To irrigate their new gardens and trees they decided to build a rain water harvesting system which included:

A-button.pngKCI-raindrop-capacity.gif 4m X 5m Permeable Patio using permeable interlocking pavers placed on a free-draining gravel base.

B-button.png 12,000L Below Ground Cistern: Stores water for irrigation.
An electric pump is used to draw water from the cistern.

C-button.png  1,000L Rain Garden: Overflow from the cistern is piped to a 1m x 5m x 0.5m rain garden, which stores rainwater and allows it to slowly soak into the ground. This reduces the amount of run-off and pollutants reaching the stormwater drains and eventually the Grand River.

Project Details:
Maximum Capacity: 13,000L
Estimated Diversion Per Year: 21,000L
Project Cost: $15,000
(permeable paving $10,000, cistern and pump $4,000, rain garden $1,000)
Volunteer Hours Contributed:1,000


"Working around the school and maintaining the grounds and gardens, adequate water has always been an issue in determining the survival of our plantings. When working at the field we saw a great opportunity to harvest rainwater that was being diverted to the storm sewers. We also wanted to create awareness related to water and educate the school and community."
Pat Rittinger, Project Lead, Teacher


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