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June 15, 2016

Green islands for blue water

Alix TaylorThe Umbrella Blog
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Poll: Water quality information

Does your municipality provide water quality information to the public?

13 votes

At public beaches

3 votes

At all recreationally used waterways

6 votes

Issues warnings after heavy rains

4 votes

Alerts the public of sewage overflows

4 votes

Does not provide water quality information

Total: 30 votes

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Poll: RAIN Community Solutions

Do you need RAIN Community Solutions in your city?

11 votes


1 vote

We already have community engagement about stormwater

2 votes

No - we don't need it

Total: 14 votes

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Poll: artificial turf

Does your municipality allow artificial turf?

1 vote

Yes, it's allowed anywhere grass would be

4 votes

It is sometimes allowed on sports fields, but not on private lawns

2 votes

No, use of artificial turf is discouraged by the municipality

Total: 7 votes

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Poll: Stormwater charge

Would you support a stormwater fee in your municipality?

12 votes

Yes, if accompanied by a city-wide campaign for green infrastructure.

4 votes

Yes, if accompanied by opportunities to reduce rates by managing stormwater onsite

8 votes

Yes, more funding is needed for stormwater infrastructure.

1 vote

It would depend on the circumstances.

0 votes

No, I wouldn't support it.

Total: 25 votes

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Poll: types of permeable paving

As we make our cities more resilient, permeable paving will be come more and more common.

What kind of permeable paving has the widest applications?

7 votes

Interlocking permeable concrete pavers

6 votes

Permeable concrete

2 votes

Porous asphalt

5 votes

Permeable grid systems

1 vote


Total: 21 votes

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Poll: Fertilizer

Do you fertilize your lawn?

2 votes

Yes, I always use a chemical fertilizer

6 votes

On occasion, if it needs it

8 votes

I use compost as a natural fertilizer

8 votes

I never fertilize my lawn

2 votes

I don't have a lawn

Total: 26 votes

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